Service Contracts

The following operations will be performed on your equipment:
  • Inspect coils, blower wheel & motor for dirt accumulation
  •  Replace air filters
  • Check system operation
  • Check & flush condensate drain
  • Visual inspection for signs of refrigerant leaks
  • Check evaporator & condenser coils
  • Check refrigerant charge & pressures
  • Oil motor & check bearings
  • Check amps on motors
  • Inspect all electrical components & tighten connections 

What services are included when signing a service contract with Airmen?

  • All contract customers receive 24-hour emergency service. If your heating or air conditioning goes down any time, day or night, call and we will send a technician out to you. (After hour rates may apply)
  •  For residence with a heat pump, we recommend a semi-annual contract which includes 2 inspections per year. These are done during the spring and fall.
  • During the spring visit our technician will inspect and test operation of the cooling system to get your home ready for the summer.
  • During the fall visit our technicians inspect and check the heating operation to prepare your home for the winter months. 
  • Airmen will contact you to schedule these visits. You do not have to worry about remembering to make the call each season.